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About 3rd & 11 Inc.

The numbers 3rd & 11 in our logo, 3rd & 11, Inc. represent the birthday of our founder, Brandon Hayes.They also represent how tough it is to pick up 3rd down and 11 yards in an NFL game. If you can manage to pick up some yardage, you still have a chance on fourth down to score. 

This metaphor reflects our philosophy here at 3rd & 11inc, where achieving a fourth down on and off the field is our ultimate measure of success.


In Muncie, there is a critical need to help the low income youth, and Brandon wants to use 3rd & 11 inc, as a vehicle to move youth student athletes from a route considered “at risk” to “on track”. What better way is there to give at-risk youth a chance in our community than to show them the process of becoming a student turned pro athlete? 3rd & 11, Inc. specifically seeks to help at-risk youth prosper regardless of circumstance in the classroom and on the field. 


The meaning behind the name is symbolic. It connects the two scenarios:First, a football team working together, going the long distance to pick up yards, despite the hard down. And, second, the community coming together to move our youth from 3rd down & 11 yards of life toward positive outcomes and successful opportunities. 


3rd & 11, Inc. provides our youth with the tools that encourage success through sports,  community improvement, and educational initiatives.

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Mr. William Brandon Hayes

Founder & CEO  

Our founder was born in Muncie, IN by the name William Brandon Hayes. Brandon attended  Muncie Southside High School, where he was an all-conference and all-state selection in football, as well as all-county honors in basketball his junior season. 


Brandon received many accolades during his football career. He was an All-America selection by the Sheridan Broadcast Network and the Black College Sports Report, in addition to being a CM Frank Small University All-America and NAIA All-America. Brandon started for the Central State Marauder team that won the 1992 NAIA Division I Championship, which was during his sophomore year, and he contributed to an offense that finished second in the NAIA in scoring and ninth in rushing his senior season (1994).       


Brandon was a member of the Carolina Panthers inaugural team in 1995 toting #67. During his professional career, Brandon was an athletic and intelligent Offensive Lineman. Brandon surprised many in his first training camp with his strong run blocking and good pass protection skills. Brandon's dramatic progress during camp earned him extensive playing time in the preseason of his first year in the NFL before a torn ACL ended his year.


Currently, Brandon resides in Muncie, IN, is single, and has two children: Brayden and Rheanne. 

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